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Vårt team: Programs

Kristina Dziedzic Wright,
Executive Director

Kristina holds two master's degrees from the University of Illinois, Chicago, USA and is in the process of completing a doctorate from the University of Leicester, UK. She has over twenty years of experience working with non-profit and non-governmental organizations in North America, South America, Asia and Africa. She was former CEO of the Murphy Scholarship Foundation in Chicago and a member of the City of Elgin Cultural Arts Commission in Illinois, USA.

From 2005 to 2010, she was the Development Director of Graduate College at the University of Illinois, Chicago, where she started and implemented "Project Global Village" to engage teachers and students in humanitarian aid.

From 2015 to 2017, Kristina volunteered with Teach North Korean Refugees in South Korea and was on the advisory board of "Conviva Brazil" - a non-profit organization that works with and supports high-risk ecosystems and low-income communities in the eastern Amazon. She helped organize the "Korea-Amazon Encounter" program in Seoul and co-founded the International Faculty Association at Seoul National University, and served as a board member and treasurer.

Since 2017, she has also served on the board of Open Heritage, a Cape Town-based NGO that creates digital solutions for the management of cultural heritage across Africa. She is currently developing a digital heritage project at Hano Academy in Mogadishu to train Somali students in the preservation and dissemination of their material culture and oral history.

As Executve Director of P4TN, Kristina brings her passion for societal development and cross-cultural exchange together with decades of international experience to implement organizations' vision of promoting multicultural diversity in Norway and promoting transcultural understanding between Norwegians, refugees and other immigrants.


We are present where help is most needed

Vårt team: Uganda
Ameny Daniel, Khalid.jpg

Daniel Ameny [Khalid]
Executive Director

Khalid holds a Bachelor of Statistics and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Health from Makerere and Nkumba Universities. He is a co-founder of P4T in 2007 and has worked as Project Manager from 2012 - 2019. He is currently the general manager of P4TUganda.

Khalid has lived in Uganda as a refugee for over 20 years after fleeing the civil war in the Congo in 1997. At just 10 years old, he was separated from his family and everyone he has ever known to an unknown place to survive. Only together with his brother did he get to Uganda by military transport.

10 years later, in 2007, he and some friends wanted to change the widespread belief that "we will go home next year" as the experiences among his fellow refugees. They realized that the possibility of returning home was no longer an option, and they believed that it was time to start looking ahead to a new future.

This is how P4T saw the light of day with a vision to strengthen the community to become healthy, safe and self-sufficient by offering knowledge and skills. To date, P4T offers quality education to over 500 refugee children, strengthens their own income opportunities for vulnerable women and young people, provides increased knowledge about health, and has had health camps, in addition to offering community support services to the very vulnerable .

Khalid has previously worked in various positions with MIFUMI (Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator for SURGE Program), Nkumba university (Lecturer at the School of Sciences) and at Datasoft Consultancy (Research and Statistics Consultants).

His education consists of 2 DAFI; Bachelor 2008 - 2011 and Master 2013 - 2015. His research in the efficiency of solar energy on rooftops gave him a Chancellor's Best Masters Dissertation award from Nkumba University in 2015. Khalid is also a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program alumnus from 2016, and in 2018 he completed a 2 week Global Learning Seminar by Kolping eV in Germany.

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