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Education is the foundation of a child’s future, yet millions of children in Uganda – especially in the refugee community are being left behind. P4T is Providing quality education to build a sustainable young generation with knowledge and skills to conflict-affected children.

P4T Nursery and Primary School:

- We have so far Educated 1200+ children
- Our Current enrolment is at 591 (318 Girls and 273 Boys).
- We have graduated 76 children from primary level education to secondary
- We have already Registered 28 P7 Candidates currently.
- 100% of our students have excelled in National Primary Leaving Examinations, and 95% of our students have joined secondary school.

Helping Children Stay in School through school feeding program:

Malnutrition is real in our community, yet a hungry child cannot concentrate in class.

- We have served 3,200,000 hot meals of breakfast and lunch for the last 6 years to 1,200 children and we currently provide 2 meals a day to over 6,000 children and 384 school staff per year.
- We have constructed a fully furnished modern and energy saving Kitchen shelter and installed handwashing facilities.

Setting up a solar lamp library improved refugee education grades:

- We installed a 250 solar lamb library at P4T Nursery and Primary School and on average, 120 solar lamps are taken every day by the children to revise at home and provide light for their whole family. This was funded by The Altenburg Foundation. Solar lamps have directly impacted over 320 children and benefited over 1,600 people at household level.

- Providing solar products increased children’s educational inputs (i.e., hours studied, school-attendance record), and examination performance (subject test scores and national Primary leaving Examination (PLE)). "Solar lamp improved my grades especially in English language", said 14 Congolese girl who dream to become a lawyer.

Co-curricular activities: Learning without play made Jack a dull boy:

- We have conducted 500 school debates, which have impacted over 15,000 children for the last 5 years.
- The 5 STA-Z board game by My Home Stars has changed the revision experience of 400 children and benefited both refugee and host community children during covid-19.
- We have involved all our children in Athletics, Football, Volleyball, Netball, Music Dance and Drama

Health: Creating a healthy community:

Outreach and awareness:

- We have collectively sensitized 13,000+ people in Kyangwali on different health issues (HIV/AIDS, & GBV, Fistula) and disease outbreaks (Cholera, Ebola, & COVID-19).

Medical missions: International Medical Volunteers:

- We have provided direct health services to 6,000+ patients and trained 240+ health workers in two health centres in Kyangwali aided by UNHCR and Government of Uganda.
- We have provided medical supplies worth USD 40,000 and medical equipment worth USD 25,000 including 5 Ultrasound machines and hospital beds to health centres in Kyangwali.

Clean water:

- We have constructed 6 water wells with the funding from volunteers, which have impacted over 20,000 people to access clean and safe water.

Livelihood Program - Creating a self-reliant Community:

Vocational skills training:

- We have trained 300+ women in handcraft skills, which have created over 150 jobs and impacted 1,200 people.
- We have trained and equipped 12 women in small scale bakery and 10 have started small bakery businesses. This has created jobs for 50 people, which has impacted over 200 people.
- We have trained and equipped 6 women in Vegetable Agro Investment (VAI)
- We are currently training 50 women and youth in bead bags making, carpentry and tailoring skills.

Business Start-up training for the youth:

- We have trained 14 youth in an empowering business module of “From Ideas to Action”.

Capacity Building for local CBOs:

- In partnership with BUNIFU, we have built capacity of 28 CBO leaders in strategic planning, resources mobilization and management. This is impacting over 70,000 people in their own community.

 Child protection:

- 250 child protection and GBV cases were referred and supported
- Trained 100 child protection Committees, social workers that impacted over 30,000 in their community.
- Procured and distributed 30 bicycles to child protection committee both to refugee and host community to ease their referral system, identify cases, handle and report cases to different stakeholders including police.
- Facilitated monthly phone airtime subscription fees for a year to 30 child protection Committees.

Community service:

- 1,500 households received relief food items to survive before and during Covid-19 that fed over 7,500 people.
- Procured and distributed scholastic materials to 1,010 orphans and vulnerable children.
- Trained and supported to have equal rights and fight violence through women football competition that brings 2,000 women together. This has benefited 10,000 refugees and Ugandans.

P4T provides 2 hot meals a day so that the children stay in school

P4T provides access to clean water

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