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Planning for Tomorrow (P4T) is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization started by refugee youth in November 2007 in Kyangwali refugee settlement, Kikuube district, Uganda which was legal registered in 2013 with Registration number CD/WG/0199/13 and Incorporated URSB Registration No: 80020002652537.

In 2021, P4T was fully registered in Norway with Registration number 926 924 826 with the main purpose to fundraise and raise resources needed to support P4T's projects in Uganda and also to promote multicultural diversity in Norway by promoting Integration and intercultural dialogue and work with a diverse and inclusive society.

The founders arrived in Kyangwali Refugee settlement from DR-CONGO, South Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya and Burundi, along with thousands of refugees fleeing war, violence, hunger and problems resulting from conflicts in their home countries since 1996. Today, there are over 1.5 million refugees in Uganda and 80% are children and women. Uganda is the third largest refugee host country in the world and the largest refugee host country in Africa.

We are seeking to bring solutions to refugees and the host community’s most touching, top three issues identified in Uganda, which is, Education, Unemployment and Health, by providing quality education, health, livelihood and Child protection/community service. We believe that by using the people who are part of the community suffering the problems, the best solutions can be achieved. We therefore use the Human Centre Design (HCD) approach, a Bottom-Up Strategy as there is nothing for us without us.

Our Vision:

A healthy and self-reliant community that is empowered with knowledge and skills.


Our Mission:

Empowering communities to be healthy and self-reliant through provision of knowledge and skills

To reach this mission, P4T focuses on two strategic goals:

  1. Promoting self-reliance through knowledge and skills, and

  2. Advocating for a healthy community.


P4T programming is guided by the following five

strategic objectives:

  1. To enable sustainable community development initiatives through knowledge and innovation

  2. To build income generating capacity through skills training.

  3. To improve individuals' psychological and physical wellbeing.

  4. To positively contribute to a safe and peaceful community through sensitization.

  5. To educate the community on the importance of a clean and protected environment.


P4T’s core values


We are guided by and strive to uphold the following core values in all the activities we undertake:

Integrity, Commitment , Empowerment ,Equality, Humanity.

Integrity: We are transparent and honest in all we do, keeping our promise to all stakeholders.

Commitment: Stand beside and advocate for those who have been denied choice and opportunity. We recognize and use the power of diversity to achieve more together.

Empowerment: Empower poor and marginalized people to take charge of their own development. Share skills and knowledge to create long lasting, sustainable change.

Equality: Promote diversity and equality throughout our work.

Humanity: We value respect, acceptance, consideration, appreciation, listening, openness, affection, empathy and love towards other human beings.


Creating The Tomorrow We All Desire

P4T Slogan


We Build Tomorrow

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