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Founder and Chairman

Bienvenu Byamungu is the founder of P4T and was Executive Director for 10 years before he settled in Norway.

Bienvenu was forced to flee his home country in 1996 when he was only 6 years old, and crossed the border into Uganda where he stayed until he resided in Norway in October 2019.

The DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) is the worst country in the world for women and children. Rape is used as a "weapon in war", and children are forced to be soldiers. Shooting, murder and violence throughout the region forced many to flee, leaving behind everything they owned.

Bienvenu witnessed these extreme human rights violations,  In 2011 UN reported that 1,000 women are raped daily is an understatement. The source of his commitment to empowering women and protecting children, which he now practices through the organization Planning for Tomorrow (P4T), are his unpleasant memories of his home country. He was separated from his parents and experienced bloodshed before reaching Uganda. More than 6 million of Bienvenu's friends and countrymen have been killed in his home area, and he was one of the few survivors who reached the refugee camp. After living in Uganda for 10 years, he started the organization P4T in 2007 when he was 17 years old. To date, the organization has supported over 1000 young people and women with vocational activities, built a kindergarten and a primary school (2015) that offers quality education to over 500 underprivileged orphaned refugees and vulnerable children. P4T has also built latrines for over 41 disabled refugees. Bienvenu is very involved in social development and gender equality, and has graduated in Development Studies from Gulu University thanks to his sponsor brother Davide and Sanguini's family in Denmark.

Bienvenu is a professional with 14 years of experience from community development, protection of children and strengthening of women's rights, program development and execution. Fundraising, organizational development and capacity building in the voluntary sector. In 2019, he worked with Save the Children as a caseworker and head of the Child-friendly Spaces Center, as well as supervising caregivers. He also provided training for the Child Protection Committee as well as social workers to protect the children in the camp and the surrounding community. "Together we can build tomorrow", is his life motto.

Bienvenu always want to bring positive change in the lives of his fellow refugees and immigrate. Many of them had to leave their homes after losing family members and property, and he knows how it feels as he went through the same refugee situation, that’s why he want to help.”

Styret: Uganda


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Deo Silver Katushabe is from Western Uganda. His family fled war in Rwanda when he was young and settled in Mbarara in 1992. As a young boy, he experienced a tough time when their house was bombed and destroyed, causing the family to lose everything they owned.

Deo has a Bachelor from Uganda Christian University and he has also studied Business Administration and Management at Makerere Universty. He also holds a Master's in Management Science and a Post Graduate in Human Resource Management from the Uganda Management Institute.

With over 10 years of experience in humanitarian intervention, especially in refugee response and disaster management, he is a dedicated professional. His experience ranges from Project Management, Reproductive Health and HIV, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), Protection, Community Work, Food Safety, and to Process Improvement and Leadership.

He has an impressive background as well as strong interpersonal, organizational, and co-ordination skills. He is an exceptional leader who works efficiently and creatively in environments where prompt action is required. He has previously worked with various organizations in leading positions, including Action Africa Help International, Medical Teams International, the International Rescue Committee and Self Help Africa.

He is committed to helping the disadvantaged by helping people to have a better future by removing the obstacles that stop progress in these communities.

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