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Student will represent P4T, Refugees and Kikuube District at National Athletics competition

Kyangwali nestled in the Kikuube District of Uganda, but most exciting to us is that a P4T Nursery and Primary School is vibrant with excitement. The annual Kids Athletics competition was coming up, and all the pupils had been training hard for months in anticipation.

There were 32 pupils from Kyangwali schools, with 5 selected to represent Kyangwali at the National Level of Kids Athletics. Among them was a young pupil from P4T Nursery and Primary School, whose name is Barak Obama.

The competition was not going to be easy as 8 districts had presented their kids for the athletics competition at Kikuube District. But, the Kyangwali schools were well-prepared, with the 32 pupils from both the Kinakyeitaka Zone and Kasonga Zone participating. Kasonga Zone had Kasonga Primary School, P4T Primary School, Ngurwe Primary School, and Karuhinda Primary School, while Kinakyeitaka Zone had Kinakyeitaka Primary School, Nyamiganda Primary School, Maratatu Primary School, and Kentomi Primary School.

Barak was thrilled to be selected, and he put his heart and soul into the competition. He ran with all his might, determination etched on his face, his eyes fixed on the finish line. It was a tough race, but he managed to come in First place in 100M race, third place in 2800M race, first in high jump, First in Shot put/discus securing medals.

The news of Barak's victory quickly spread throughout Kyangwali and beyond. It was a moment of great pride for the P4T Nursery and Primary School and the entire community. Barak's hard work and dedication paid off, and he has made his school and his parents proud.

The Kikuube District was lively with excitement, and Barak's victory was celebrated by everyone. His story became an inspiration for young athletes in P4T School and the district, proving that with hard work and dedication, anyone could achieve great things.

In the end, the Kids Athletics competition is a huge success, with the Kyangwali schools putting up a great show. The pupils gave their all, and their hard work had paid off in the form of Athletic medal and recognition certificate. And for Barak, it is a moment he will never forget, a testament to his perseverance, hard work, and talent.

To top it all, Barak Obama will, through his excellent performance represent P4T, Refugees and Kikuube District at National Athletics competition.

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