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Optometrist Mohammed provided free eye screening services

Optometrist Mohammed provided free eye screening services and free glasses during Eye Clinic in Uganda.

Dr. Mohammed is an Optometrist who came from Egypt.

The eye clinic was carried out at P4T School and UNHCR/Government aided Hospitals mainly Kyangwali Health Centre IV and Maratatu Health Centre III implemented by P4T in partnership with MTI who oversee these hospitals. The eye clinic assessed over 260 patients out of over 500 who needed services and 200 people were given free eye glasses. We thank Dr. Mohammed who worked over time without having breaks every day.

Visual impairment is a significant health problem in Uganda especially in refugee camps where they lack facilities and resources needed to treat eye problems. Blindness is preventable and treatable but hundreds of people in Kyangwali refugee settlement and host community remain at risk of visual loss due to the lack of eye-care services. We thank the International Volunteers coordinator Dr, Tayseer for making this Mission of Hope II happen.

50 years old Kwerema Edrona Ugandan from Ngogoli 1 village in Kyangwali sub county spent five years with the eye problem and unable to see. I failed to help my kids to do their homework, It hurt me a lot when no one could support my kids in doing their school assessment, said Kwerema. I was given free eye glasses after my eyes were screened by Dr.Mohammed.

Today, Kwerema is able to help her children with school assessments and can see clearly well. Hundreds of Ugandans and refugees just like Kwerema suffer from eye sicknesses and don’t own eye glasses because they are very expensive. This was the first mission ever to provide free eye treatment and glasses. I thank the white people and P4T for putting smile to my face after 5 years of darkness.

Dorcas Furaini 40 years refugee from Democratic Republic of Congo arrived in 2015 in Kyangwali refugee camp. Dorcas is a woman leader in New Apostolic Church but her eye problems affected her work.

My eye sickness started in 2019 after my diabetic level increased. I passed through a lot of pain for 3 years until today when I heard P4T is going to host International doctors. Actually, I reached at P4T Office at 4:00am when people were still sleeping. Over 2,000 children, men and women were all waiting for Mohammed Optometrist. I was given free eyes screening services and free eye glasses, now I’m able to do my work with confidence because I can see and read my bible not like before when I was unable to read. Dorcas requested P4T to organise another Mission to help more people with eye related sicknesses.

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