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Meet our newly elected Chairperson of the P4T Board

Bridget Mortell Harden Newly elected Chairperson

Bridget Mortell comes to Planning for Tomorrow (P4T) with a background in neurobiology and electrophysiology that she turned into a career in Intraoperative Surgical Neuromonitoring; safeguarding the nervous system during surgery. Bridget hold masters of science in Biomedical/Neurobiology and CNIM (Certificate in Neurophysiological Intraoperative Monitoring). Currently, Bridget work as Executive Director at Americare Neurosurgery International (AMCANI) and surgical neurophysiologist at Denver Neurodiagnostics. It was within this capacity that she volunteered and participated on her first medical mission trip providing surgery to children with complex spinal column deformities at no cost to the patients and their families. While maintaining her leadership position managing in the private sector, her passion for helping others led her to become a dedicated volunteer and mission trip organizer, filling in where needed on medical outreach trips while immersing herself in the philanthropic world. Bridget has now participated in over thirty medical missions in five different countries. She worked in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Poland and Uganda while continuing to grow her personal mission to improve access to medical care and optimal medical resources to the most vulnerable communities around the world. She is focused on improving quality, safety and universal access to care for marginalized communities by working with and along-side those communities and their leaders. Bridget has participated with numerous international NGOs and worked as the Executive Director of Global Spine Outreach (GSO), a US-based nonprofit organization providing 1000s of surgeries safely to children with complex spinal deformities internationally. Bridget had lead marketing and fundraising efforts ensuring effective and efficient day-to-day administration of programs, lead goal setting and developed metrics to ensure progress and success of programs, while building partnerships and long-term relationships with volunteers, donors, industry representatives, and international mission collaborators. Bridget is also dedicated to building and orchestrating ongoing educational opportunities for international medical teams and has led, organized and executed multiple symposia both in the US and internationally. Bridget is inspired and invigorated by the work Planning for Tomorrow has done, is currently doing and their planning for the future. And is a proud member of Board of Directors of P4T.

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