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Kemigisa Joyce's story

P4T changed my life, "I don't have to beg from my neighbours anymore", said kemigisa Joyce, Amooti who was P4T Nursey and Primary School Head teacher.

Planning For Tomorrow (P4T) always provided, promoted and encouraged it staff to have saving cultures from their monthly salaries to save for their future investments.

Kemigisa Joyce is Ugandan qualified trained teacher completed from Bulera Core Primary Teacher College in Hoima district Uganda in 2016. She worked at P4T ECD/Nursery and Primary School from 2017 to 2020 and had different promotion positions because of her commitment, results performance and passion to provide quality education to vulnerable children from class teacher, deputy headteacher to school headteacher. Madam Joyce first worked at Mutezige primary school as primary Teacher for 6 months before she joined P4T Nursery and primary school.

"There has been a big difference at home since I joined P4T school. Previously when my brothers and sisters were sent from school to collect school fees or extra lessons fees they would have to stay at home until we could raise the money but today no more to stay at home.

Joyce started her shop business from P4T salaries from the money used to save. She started with 500,000 Ugandan shillings and now my shop business has grow now. ‘P4T saving Salary has helped to improved my life’, said Joyce. It's has helped me to pay tuition fees to my young brother #Businge Davide since his high school called St-Andrea S.S and now he is at Kabalega College in Masindi district studying diploma in Education and my sister Abigaba Scolah who is in primary six (P6) at kabale Public School, H oima.

She also started produce business, buying and selling Rice. ‘ I started with 3 sacks of rice and now able to buy 10 sacks of rice where my net profit is 500,000/= shillings per month’ and I’m two SACCO where I save 200,000 shillings in both groups per month.

Before my family suffered of hungry, lack of medication, used to beg but now I support my family to meet their basic needs like food, medication including supporting my parent in school fees. Before I had small phone called "Kabiriti" but now I have smart phone which is helping me in my business, she said with smile face.

I am who I am today because of P4T. My life is totally changed. My parent are so proud of me because I do help and support them.

"Now we get money from my shop business so that my brother don't have to stay at home. I pay school fees - the brother do not get assistant from the government, I'm responsible to pay fees for my brothers and sister's schools. My parent are unable to provide, said Joyce. She want her brothers and sister to have the best opportunities.

"I don't have to beg from my neighbours anymore, I thank P4T for the job opportunities and entrepreneurs mentorship I acquired during my three years.

At P4T, we are so proud of you Madam Joyce and we always wishing you all the best luck in your future. Join us to wish kemigisa Joyce best of luck in her business and career!

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