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Alliance's story

Updated: May 7, 2022

Alliance Mwineza, a Refugee Rwandese Nationality 19 years old dreams of becoming accountant and advocate of girl child education.

Alliance Mwineza was not born when her parents fled violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, mother and father from Rwanda. She was born and raised as the oldest daughter from 5 children in kyangwali Refugee settlement, Uganda.

Her mother Harriet's (39) village was attacked by rebels they were forced to flee their homecountry DRC in the middle of the night, with only the clothes they were wearing together with her parents, 5 sisters and 2 brothers. Their neighbours were killed with machetes and their houses were burned down.

"Life was difficult for us here in refugee camp with no food, no medication and living in extremely poverty made my life regret. I did not got chance to go to school", said Alliance's mother who got married when she was only 19 years old in 2002.

Alliance’s parents were determined and struggled to see their children go to school. Her dad tried to find a job but failed. He would work in farm land so often, and he worked hard and never gave up. His priority was to find something for us to eat and money to send his children to school.

When I heard that P4T started primary school in 2016, she immediately started attending classes. Her reading and writing skills were very poor. "I was fearing to speak in class and sometime escape classes because I was getting poor grades". says Alliance.

School enrolled Alliance in DEBATE CLUB and five month later, she was almost fluent. "School debate helped me so much, I speak English well and have confidence in public. My best subject was English and I was best speaker during Inter-Schools Debate Competition in kyangwali refugee settlement", Alliance says


The class here were not overcrowded and teachers were able to focus on all of their students so they could get better. Her former Government school in kyangwali was over 200 children in one class served by one teacher and the students could not concentrate.

Alliance continues; "In 2018, I was selected as SCHOOL HEAD GIRL at my school, P4T Nursery and primary school. I used to advise girls and advocate for their rights. Leadership training trained by P4T helped me to improve my skills to be a good leader. I want to be role model and I’m able to advocate for girl child education in my community.

Over 90% of girls are married or have babies before joining secondary school in my village kyebitaka. What pain me to see young girls aged 14 or 15 years old pregnant or having babies instead of being at school. I want to be an accountant and work as Ministry of of finance in my home county to end corruption and also to advocate for girls and women’s right like promotion of girl child education. I’m a member of P4T Alumni Association, where I’m a treasurer. I like to sing and dance. P4T promoted my singing skills through school choir club and I’m using that skills in community music group (Holy Family group) that sing gospel songs. You can watch my song here , I’m so grateful for P4T for empowering me".

She completed her primary school with good grade that enabled her to join secondary school. Her parents were not able to pay for her secondary school but she was sponsored through P4T, thank goes to Mission of Hope for sponsorship. Alliance wants to thank everyone that have made her dream of attending secondary possible. “A lot of people supported me. My family, my teachers, my school mate and not the least P4T. I scored 21 grade at Primary National Examination in 2021 that enabled me to join secondary school. I’m so grateful seeing my education journey going on well".


We are proud of Alliance as she is secondary student! We are excited for her as she begins her next chapter, and we are grateful for playing a role in her success. Thank you to our volunteers and supporters who make moments like this possible.

Education shapes a new generation of future leaders who can make changes in their society and find solutions to the refugee situation.

Help children like Alliance stay in School.

Sponsor A Child Help us keep refugee children in school!

You can help provide an education to children forced to flee by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference in the lives of refugees. Your contribution will help a refugee who would not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue their education.

Help us change lives. Below is the cost of education per child per year:

$200: Covers tuition per child per year for secondary school

$100 : Covers tuition per child per year for primary school

$60 : Covers hot meals and medication per child per year

$20 : Covers scholastic materials (books) per child per year

$20 : Covers school uniform and shoes per child per year.

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