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Help us end poverty through education and give your company a humanitarian profile through an enriching collaboration.

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Why cooperate with us?

Becoming a corporate partner with P4T means that you have a unique opportunity to engage both your employees and customers while helping to transform the lives of children and their families affected by conflict living in Uganda.

What does a corporate partners get by working with us:

  • Company logo including link to your website on our website or on a project you have supported

  • Certificate of support from P4T

  • Posts about your company and support in our blogg

  • Posts in all our social media with thanks for your support

  • Invitations to our events

  • Involving your employees will give your company a higher reputation when it comes to corporate social responsibility and will be enable you to attract more customers to your company.

  • Activities that demonstrate the company's social responsibility can provide a stronger bond between the employees and the company, and give everyone involved a greater sense of being in touch with the world around you.

Ways to get involved:

Become a sponsor: We offer sponsorship opportunities for our projects and activities. We are flexible in our approach and we will work with you to find the right opportunity and level of sponsorship.

Donations: Whether it is a one-time donation or a gift from your company, the help can change the lives of people who have had to flee due to war and conflict.

Time and expertise: We are always interested in working with professionals who can offer their knowledge and expertise on a voluntary basis that can develop and improve our projects and activities.

Involvement of employees: By choosing us as this year's charity or making a contribution, your employees can have a fundraiser for one of our projects or for our general work both in Uganda and in Norway.

We are HUMANITARIANS and we have the INTEGRITY to put all donations to its intended use and ensure that all donations goes directly to communities in need and creating everlasting impact together through our Corporate partnerships. 

If you'd like to speak with us about corporate partnerships, and how you can transform the lives of hundreds of children through corporate partnerships, please  e-mail our Corporate Team or call +256775006144/+256703655805.

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