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Help refugees in Uganda


Help comes in many forms. At P4TNorge, we welcome products and other things that individuals and partners want to donate or help with.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones can be used as a Child Helpline will be given to our Child Protection committees and schools which aim to respond and report child abuses, child labour, violences including early and forced marriage of children under 18 years of age.

Tablets / Ipads, laptop as a new E-learning technology

All schools in Uganda were closed for almost 2 years due to Covid-19 lockdown and millions learners were sent back home, including refugee children. The tablets will help teachers plan assignments while also helping students focus on their homework and education online. These devices will help improve the computer skills of refugee children and boost their creativity.
The tablets will be installed and loaded with learning content such as English, Mathematic, Social studies, science and Child rights, as approved by the Ugandan National Curriculum Development Centre. This will empower children with life skills on how to promote their own rights and also enhancing literacy and numeracy skills.

Do you have a mobile, tablet/Ipad, or laptop you want to give away? Before donation please clear your device of all your personal files. If you can, keep the software programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe, etc.
Please e-mail us or call us at 47269684 if you are interested in donating your used mobiles, tablets/Ipads and laptops.

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