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We work towards creating a safe environment for children free from violence and abuse as well as preventing and responding to violence against children.

Uganda is home to almost 1.5 million refugees, 60% of whom are children. The vast majority have fled brutal conflicts, and many have witnessed terrible violence and lost family and friends.

Children are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, such as forced labour, oppression, rape, being denied food as punishment, lack of education and health care, punishment and torture, etc.

Our protection programmes aim to ensure that children have a safe and secure place where they can learn and develop. This involves training Child Protection Committees (CPCs), teachers and others in the community to identify, report and respond to protection issues as well as strengthen existing reporting practices.

P4T runs a child protection program that aims to stop all child abuse in the local community, provide psychosocial support to those children who are struggling to go to school and learn as a result of trauma they have been exposed to.

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